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Scope of Work

The company is using the following mediums/tools for improving the situation of water and sanitation services in Kohat:

  1. Provision of Solid Waste Management Services.
  2. Provision of Sewerage and Drainage Systems and O&M services.
  3. Provision of Drinking Water Supply.
  • Daily cleanliness of roads and streets
  • Daily Mechanical sweeping of main roads
  • Scheduled Cleaning of drains and Mechanical Dredging of primary and secondary drains.
  • Daily water Supply to 6 Urbans and Kotal Township
  • Daily repair and maintenance of water pipelines system
  • Repairing of malfunctioning of tube well’s pumping machinery and electrification.
  • Daily supervision of tube well operators and field staff for smooth performance
  • Redressal of community complaints regarding water-related issues.
  • Issuing of warning notices to the general public against misuse/wastage of water which can cause damage to roads, streets, and other public assets.
  • Provision of water supply connection to the water-deprived community or for the new townships or colonies.
  • Environment friendly disposing of 140 tons of solid wastage on a daily basis
  • Daily Water Sprinkling in main markets
  • Complaint Redressal on daily basis regarding Sanitation.
  • Scheduled washing of main roads.
  • Provision of sanitation kits and equipment to the sanitation staff when required
  • Regular supervision of sanitation staff and services day and night.
  • Scheduled awareness campaigns and community mobilization regarding clean and safe environment.
  • Weekly assembly session in different schools about keeping the environment safe