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Water Supply

Throughout recorded history large cities have been concerned with their water supplies. Even ancient cities found that local sources of supply-shallow wells, springs, and brooks-were inadequate to meet the very modest sanitary demands of the day, and the inhabitants were constrained to build aqueducts which could bring water from distant sources.

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Sewerage and Drainage System

Remains of sanitary sewers are to be found in the ruins of the ancient cities of Crete and Assyria. Rome also had sewers, but they were primarily drains to carry away storm water. It was the practice to deposit all sorts of refuse in the streets, and accordingly the storm sewers also carried much organic matter at times. Sewerage was practically unknown during the Middle Ages


Solid Waste Management

Anything that is not of further use in a process is known as waste for that process. That can be useful for other processes and can be termed as raw material for that process. So actually, waste is a misplaced resource. When this waste is in a comparatively solid form it is known as solid waste.



Provision of a better quality of life for the people of Kohat through universal access to an adequate quantity of potable water and sanitation facilities at par with international service standards.


Customer satisfaction in provision of better quantity water, hygiene, sanitation and environmental services.

Message from Chairman

Water and Sanitation Services Company Kohat strive to achieve its set targets and increase access to safe water and related sanitation services as well as promoting good hygiene and behavioral practices in areas that comes under the WSSC’s jurisdiction. WSSC Kohat has worked assiduously to ensure that ongoing projects are executed with a high degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

Water and Sanitation Services Company Kohat has played an active role in various sector related activities during the year such as the World Water Day, World Clean Up Day, World Environment Day as well as the Global Hand washing Day. All these activities have provided the opportunity for WSSC Kohat to showcase its achievements, share knowledge with sector stakeholders and to interact with the general public.

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