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Code of Conduct

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All employees will have the responsibility to comply with all the provisions of the Code of Conduct given below, however situations may arise that may not have been directly reflected here and WSSCK management will have to dealt the issues under these guidelines and applicable law of Pakistan. Any violation to the code of conduct by an employee will be subject to disciplinary action covered in Section P of this Manual.

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

WSSCK aims to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, ethnicity, caste, gender, national, origin, ancestry, religion, age, disability or marital status and in compliance with all applicable laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Workplace Harassment

Harassment” means any unwelcomed sexual advance, request for sexual favors or other verbal or written communication or physical conduct of a sexual nature or sexually demeaning attitudes, causing interference with work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment, or the attempt to punish the complainant for refusal to comply to such a request or is made a condition for employment.The above is unacceptable behavior in the organization and at the workplace, including in any interaction or situation that is linked to official work or official activity outside the office.Workplace harassment complaints shall be investigated by the severance committee and minor penalties including censure, warning, and stoppage of pay or major penalties including reduction to lower posts, removal from service, dismissal from service may be imposed depending on the severity of complaint.

Policy against Fiscal Improprieties

WSSCK expects its entire staff to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and to ensure their and WSSCK’s compliance with all applicable laws and accounting principles. Any accounting fraud or other fiscal impropriety is strictly prohibited. Some examples of fiscal improprieties include:

  • Unauthorized or unethical use of WSSCK funds;
  • Fraudulent accounting or reporting of expenditures;
  • Illegal or unethical fiscal activity (e.g., theft, embezzlement, etc.);
  • Improperly gaining or potentially gaining financial benefit from beneficiaries; and/or
  • Aiding and abetting another’s fiscal impropriety.

A willful failure to report a fiscal impropriety may be construed as aiding and abetting the wrongdoer. In addition to disciplinary action and/or termination of employment, fiscal impropriety may result in personal liabilities to the wrongdoer and criminal prosecution.

Conflict of Interest

WSSCK’s policy requires that each employee be free of any personal interest that could influence his or her judgment or action in the conduct of his services or affect his or her responsibility to WSSCK. An employee must not only avoid situations that give rise or could give rise to a conflict of interest, but also situations that create the appearance of a conflict of interest.Employees are not allowed to represent or have any agreement with or obligations to anyone or anything that would in any way conflict with any of their obligations contained in any part of the “General Terms of Employment”Employees must also understand and agree to disclose in writing to WSSCK’s Human Resources Department any apparent conflict of interest, either when they begin employment or at the time that a conflict becomes known or suspected, whichever is sooner. Some examples of situations and circumstances resulting in conflict of interest are:

  • A marital or direct birth relationship with a bidder, its legal counsel or its officers;
  • During the last three years, the member/ staff has been an employee or officer of the bidder or held a financial interest in a bidder;
  • The member/ staff is negotiating or has an arrangement concerning prospective employment with the bidder;
  • The member/ staff is executing or has executed a venture, to the benefit of the member/ staff and the bidder.

The above circumstances are examples of the probable conflict of interest situations only. Circumstances shall be evaluated at the time of each individual situation and appropriate disposal of measures shall be undertaken to ensure that Conflict of Interest situations are appropriately addressed. A process for the recording and resolution of conflict of interest declarations shall be maintained by a member of the Procurement Committee. Records must include details of the actions taken to manage the conflict of interest.A member/ staff having a conflict of interest shall be excluded from the procurement process to ensure transparency and integrity.

Gift and Entertainment

No employee or member of his/her family may accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, entertainment or favor from an individual, private or public organization that stand to benefit from an action of WSSCKexcept for promotional-type gifts with a retail value under Rs1500 and entertainment, meals and social invitations that are in keeping with good business ethics and that obligate neither the recipient nor WSSCK. Payment of commercial transportation, hotel room or other living and traveling expenses must not be accepted or permitted, except when travel and participation are as part of a group hosted by a donor, is project related and is promptly reported to management. If there is any doubt as to whether it is proper or not proper to accept a gift, travel, entertainment, etc., Manager – HR, Admin & Procurement should be consulted.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy

As representatives of WSSCK, all employees must conduct all WSSCK related activities honestly, with integrity and in the best interest of the entity, regions and communities WSSCK serves. Employees are expected to demonstrate a standard of conduct that upholds the reputation of WSSCK and is respectful of the rights of others and the standards of the communities in which WSSCK works. Employees must act in conformity with applicable laws, regulations and standards common to employees of other charitable organizations, nonprofit corporations, non-governmental agencies and governmental agencies.

Use of WSSCK Property

The services, goods, materials, technology and equipment provided to WSSCK employees are all the property of WSSCK. As such, the services, goods, materials, technology and equipment provided are to be used primarily for business-related purposes. This includes access to various forms of electronic media and services and communications services: computers, e-mail, telephones, fax/copy machines, networks, and the internet. Incidental and occasional personal use of the services, goods, materials, technology and equipment provided by WSSCK does not violate this policy, so long as, such use does not interfere with the employee’s job performance or violate this or any other WSSCK policies.Employees using WSSCK’s electronic communication systems for personal communications should not imply, directly or indirectly, that it is an official communication of WSSCK. For further details regarding use of the electronic communication systems, please see the prohibited uses provision explained in section 8 below. Since not all of our technology and equipment is “secure” from third party interception, employees should use sufficient care when transmitting WSSCK’s confidential and/or proprietary information via insecure electronic systems. No employee may conduct a business or engage in unlawful or prohibited activities using services, goods, materials, technology and/or equipment provided by WSSCK.

Prohibited Uses of WSSCK Property

Employees will not use any services, goods, materials, technology, and/or equipment provided by or paid for by WSSCK for illegal, inappropriate, or otherwise disruptive activities, or in support of such activities. Listed below are some uses of the WSSCK’s computer systems and/or other telephonic or electronic communications systems that may, in the sole discretion of WSSCK, result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  • Creating, sending, receiving, storing or displaying any messages, images, documents or other materials that are unlawful (including violations of copyright and/or trademark laws);
  • Creating, sending, receiving, storing or displaying any messages, images, documents or other materials that are offensive, or disruptive, including but not limited to, items that contain racial slurs, gender-specific comments, or other messages that offensively address someone’s age, sexual implications, religious or political beliefs, national origin, or disability;
  • Creating, sending, receiving or storing or displaying any type of offensive message, image or document;
  • Transmitting or facilitating distribution of content that is untrue, threatening, harassing, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, defamatory, or objectionable;
  • Attempting to “hack” into or otherwise breach security measures on any WSSCK computer system and/or other telephonic or electronic communications system, or altering system software or hardware configurations;
  • Attempting to gain access to other employees’ e-mail, voice mail, or other electronic or telephonic communications without authorization;
  • Conducting any unrelated business, including transmitting any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation.

Protection of WSSCK Property and Resources

It shall be ethical and professional duty of every employee to protect WSSCK property and resources. WSSCK staff shall be prohibited from making any improper use of property such as funds, software, e-mail systems, voice mail systems, computer networks, vehicles and facilities for personal benefit or profit.

Smoke-Free Offices

Smoking is strictly prohibited in WSSCK office buildings to designated areas. Nobody is allowed to smoke within the WSSCK Office premises and working places such as seminar rooms, conference rooms and every hall, except designated smoking areas.


The employment of relatives in positions where they may be required to supervise and evaluate each other can cause significant conflicts of interest and poor morale. Accordingly, new employees shall be asked during the application process if they are related to any current WSSCK employee. The HR Department will deal with such relationships on a case-by-case basis to assure that there is fairness to employees and to applicants and that there is no conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety.

Personal Information Policy

It is important for employees to keep their personnel records up-to-date for pay deductions, benefits, and other matters. To ensure that personal data is current, it is each employee’s responsibility to promptly update their personal information with the Human Resource Department within one month of a change. Personal information changes include:

  • Legal name;
  • Home address;
  • Home and cell phone numbers;
  • Emergency contact information;
  • Marital status;
  • Name and number of dependents;
  • Beneficiary designation updates;
  • Work permit, immigration, residency, or citizenship status.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Any employee receiving any request for personal information of any nature about another employee, a former employee or an applicant for employment must refer the request to the HR Department. Employees are prohibited from disclosing or discussing any information concerning current or former employees or applicants for employment.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

All employees of WSSCK are required to report to work as scheduled and on time and to leave work when there schedule workday is complete. Employees are responsible for notifying absences, late arrivals or early departures to their Line Manager and Human Resource Function on timely basis. Failure to comply with the official work schedule may lead to disciplinary action against employees.

Dress Code

WSSCK recognizes the cultural diversity amongst its staff and stresses the need for a shared dress code. Staff should maintain the highest possible professional image in terms of dressing and appearance at all times as well as comply with the appropriate standards of the dress code policy applicable in companies.

Injuries at Work Policy

If an employee sustains an injury while on the job, no matter how slight, a report shall be immediately made to the Departmental Head and to the Human Resource Function. In certain circumstances, an incident report may have to be completed.

Illegal Acts at Workplace


In order to keep professional working environment at WSSCK, no staff other than security guards shall be allowed to bring any kind of weapon at work place. Any violation to this rule shall be reported by any staff member to relevant department head or zonal manager, who shall take appropriate steps in order to ensure compliance with this policy.


Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It has very negative impact on the working environment and reputation of a company. WSSCK is committed to preventing workplace violence and to maintaining a safe work environment. All employees and company’s associates should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Indirect or direct threats of violence, incidents of actual violence and suspicious individuals or activities should be reported as soon as possible to relevant department head and human resource function. Depending on the intensity of situation the matter may be referred to Manager – HR. Admin & Procurement for necessary actions.

Use of Drugs

In order to keep professional working environment at WSSCK office, drugs or any other health injurious things shall be strictly prohibited at the WSSCK office. Manager – Admin other HR management personnel shall ensure that no staff member uses drugs at any of WSSCK office. Manager – HR & Admin may take disciplinary action against employee who violates the policy after reasonable warning.


Any acts that are prohibited by any law of Pakistan shall be considered as “Other” illegal acts shall not be tolerated by WSSCK. Immediate action shall be taken after assessment of the act.

Reporting Violations of the HR Policy

WSSCK staff has the responsibility to report any known, reported or suspected cases of alleged violations of these policies by WSSCK staff, any other humanitarian or development workers, representatives of local or national government, police, military personnel, outside contractors who are associated with WSSCK, and/or all third parties doing business with the WSSCK. WSSCK staff must report alleged violations immediately to Manager – Admin, who shall forward the case to Manager – HR, Admin & Procurement immediately. Under no circumstances is any WSSCKstaff member required to report the alleged violation to a supervisor whom he/she believes to be involved in the violation.It is not the responsibility of the reporting member of staff to ascertain whether or not the complaint is true. It is his/her responsibility to report any concern in good faith.When a report of an alleged violation is made, the Manager – HR, Admin & Procurement will conduct a full, fair, prompt and thorough investigation as appropriate under the circumstances.Steps taken will depend upon the nature of the allegation. All WSSCK staff must cooperate fully in the course of any investigation. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigation subject to the need to conduct a full and fair investigation. If WSSCK determines that a violation of these policies has occurred, prompt remedial action will be taken against the offending person(s), up to and including his/her termination from employment.Additionally, if appropriate, WSSCK management (i.e., General Manager HR) will alert the proper legal authorities as to the violation. All WSSCK staff is expected to report instances of violations truthfully and responsibly. WSSCK staff, who fails to report allegations that have been brought to their attention or to act on information that they know or should know, will be subject to disciplinary measures. Intentionally false reports of violations of these policies can result in termination from employment.

Bar to engage in other employment

The full time employee shall be at the disposal of WSSCK and he/she may be employed by WSSCK without claim for additional remuneration. No full time employee shall, except with the prior approval of the CEO in writing, engage in any trade, occupation and business.